A Christian Apologetics Manifesto Sixteen Theses

November 7, 2018By ARCCommon Objections

By Douglas Groothuis – This is a manifesto to ignite the holy fire of apologetic passion and action.  It is not a sustained argument or a development of themes. (I have written and lectured about these matters elsewhere). It is, rather, a short series of interrelated propositions crying out for both immediate and protracted action.  … Read More

The Apologetics of Thomas Aquinas

December 9, 2014By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Norman L. Geisler – Thomas Aquinas was born near Aquino, Italy probably around 1224-5. He attended the University of Naples in 1239 where he encountered the writings of Aristotle which was to have a great impact on his thinking. Aquinas joined the Domincan Order of Preachers around 1243—in spite of the violent opposition of … Read More

Apologetics and Evangelism

March 12, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCommon Objections

Author: Jimmy Williams – Today as never before, Christians are being called upon to give reasons for the hope that is within them. Often in the evangelistic context seekers raise questions about the validity of the gospel message. Removing intellectual objections will not make one a Christian; a change of heart wrought by the Spirit … Read More