The Radical Divide

The Radical Divide

January 28, 2021By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

By Paul A. Cleveland – The political divide in our country seems to grow bigger each and every day. For many of us we wonder if our country will ever return to some sense of normalcy. Indeed, as Christians we feel that the leftist are mounting what appears a growing attack on the faith. Why … Read More

How Does One Develop a Christian Mind?

November 4, 2014By ARCCulture

By J. P. Moreland – First, it is a mind that has formed the habit of being focused on God constantly throughout the day. It is a mind preoccupied with God and directed regularly towards Him in prayer and meditation (Ps 16:8; Is 26:3, Lk 18:1; Ro 12:12; 1Th 5:16-18). But how can one do … Read More

The Christian Worldview

March 19, 2014By Steven CowanCulture

By Steven B. Cowan – Every person has a worldview, but not every person has the same worldview.  In fact, there are several worldviews from which a person might choose if he were shopping for one. 1  A person who has committed his life to following Jesus Christ, of course, is not shopping for a … Read More