How Does One Develop a Christian Mind?

November 4, 2014By ARCCulture

By J. P. Moreland – First, it is a mind that has formed the habit of being focused on God constantly throughout the day. It is a mind preoccupied with God and directed regularly towards Him in prayer and meditation (Ps 16:8; Is 26:3, Lk 18:1; Ro 12:12; 1Th 5:16-18). But how can one do … Read More

The Christian Worldview

March 19, 2014By Steven CowanCulture

By Steven B. Cowan – Every person has a worldview, but not every person has the same worldview.  In fact, there are several worldviews from which a person might choose if he were shopping for one. 1  A person who has committed his life to following Jesus Christ, of course, is not shopping for a … Read More