Veritas: Abandoning Nature

October 3, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Craig Branch- This is the introduction to Areopagus Journal Vol. 5 No. 5 September-October 2005. This I say and affirm together with the Lord, that you walk no longer as the Gentiles [unbelievers] also walk, in the futility of their mind, being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of … Read More

How Did We Get Here?

October 11, 2018By ARCCulture

By Erwin Lutzer – We are witnesses to a social revolution, which if successful, will have ongoing repercussions for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. As we shall see, there is reason to believe that this revolution to remake the family has the potential to destroy the very concept of marriage along with freedom of religion. … Read More

Olympics, Homosexuality, and the Pagan Worldview

March 27, 2018By ARCCulture

By Clete Hux – America is becoming an increasingly pagan culture. Many would say that this is easily seen in how fast homosexuality is progressing in society. This raises some questions for our consideration. What do paganism and homosexuality have in common? Is there a platform where promoting one promotes the other? Historically, what is … Read More

Sports and the LGBTQ Movement

October 25, 2016By ARCCulture

By Clete Hux – The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! This was a well-known quip from an ABC television commercial in the 1970s. It was a time regarded by many to be very unlike today. At that time another adage was heard from fans but especially from coaches. It was this: It’s … Read More

Upside Down Cosmology

Upside Down Cosmology

March 12, 2015By ARCCulture

By Clete Hux – “The Unnatural Worldview of Homosexuality” Introduction: It has been said that, “In the beginning God created man in His image and ever since man has attempted to return the favor!” Although this saying is used often in the sense of man making himself out to be God, it also speaks of … Read More

Abandoning Nature:  An Argument Against Homosexuality

Abandoning Nature:  An Argument Against Homosexuality

March 19, 2014By Steven CowanCulture

WARNING:  This article contains sexually explicit language that may not be suitable for younger readers.—Editor Author: Steve Cowan – Today homosexuality is considered by many people to be a normal and perfectly acceptable practice.  It is, they say, a legitimate “alternative lifestyle.”  The Bible, of course, says otherwise (see the article in this volume by … Read More