Who Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

March 26, 2014By Craig BranchComparative Religions

By Clete Hux and Craig Branch They knock on our doors.  They distribute lots of literature.  They seek to convert us to devotion to their organization.  Many people in our culture ridicule them and some fear them, but few understand them.  Who are these people, the Jehovah’s Witnesses?  In this article, we will seek to … Read More

Demonstrating the Deity of Christ

November 10, 2012By Apologetics Resource CenterGeneral Apologetics

Many Christians are intimidated when they find Jehovah’s Witnesses at their door. The myth in the minds of most Christians is that Jehovah’s Witnesses know the bible very well. This is untrue. In reality, Jehovah’s Witnesses do not know the bible well at all. What they actually know is their presentation. Once they are taken … Read More