“Ye Are Gods”: The Mormon Gospel

September 19, 2023By ARCComparative Religions, Cult

by Bill McKeever – Discussing the issue of salvation with our Mormon friends can, at times, be a very frustrating experience. Many evangelical Christians have walked away after dialoguing with members of the LDS Church thinking that their beliefs are not all that far apart. However, as with all other topics pertinent to religious faith, … Read More

Veritas: The Cult Next Door

September 19, 2023By ARCComparative Religions, Cult

by Craig Branch – An Introduction to Areopagus Journal Vol. 4 No. 5 September-October 2004 In 1977, I opened the door and engaged two Mormon missionaries in conversation. Only a year earlier, I had come to Christ through a combination of Christians reaching out to me in friendship and a pastor who patiently met with … Read More

What about the Reorganized Latter-Day Saints Church? (RLDS)

April 14, 2022By ARCCult

by Rev. Clete Hux – “United we stand, divided we fall” has always been an encouraging reminder that there is strength in unity. However, there is also strength found in diversity. This is especially so when comparing some of the differences in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Reorganized Latter-Day Saints churches. … Read More