Is Everything One? A Critique of New Age Pantheism

January 25, 2024By ARCCult, Culture

by Paul Copan In her book Out on a Limb, Shirley MacLaine said that the “tragedy of the human race was that we had forgotten that we were each Divine.”  Then she added, “You are everything.  Everything you want to know is inside of you.  You are the universe.”[1] Such a view is typical in … Read More

Veritas: Engaging the New Age

October 24, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Craig Branch –  Introduction to Areopagus Journal Vol. 6, No. 4- In 1969 I was still taking the scenic route through college at an urban university in Richmond, Virginia. The university was known for its radical hippie population.  The Fifth Dimension had just released its award-winning gold record, “Age of Aquarius.”  Its popularity was … Read More

The Enneagram’s Occult Remainders: Two Key Examples

May 25, 2023By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Dr. Ronald V. Huggins In her new book The Journey Home (2023), Christian enneagram teacher Meredith Boggs writes: In my fifteen-plus years of learning, teaching, and writing about the Enneagram, I have yet to encounter one person who has converted to New Ageism, who started engaging in occult practices, or who walked away from … Read More

The New Age Medicine of Dr. Bernie Siegel

April 20, 2022By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Clete Hux – The New Age Movement is religious in nature in that it is a blending together of eastern mystical religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, the Occult, etc.), embracing these religions’ beliefs and practices (pantheism). It replaces the personal God of the Bible with an impersonal universal force or energy. It is philosophic because … Read More

Conversations with the Counterfeit

July 1, 2021By ARCComparative Religions, General Apologetics

By Craig Branch – There are many Christian leaders and secular writers who are describing the state of decline of our culture. The popular term used to describe this state is postmodernism. Briefly, postmodernism represents a growing rejection of rational empiricism, science, and Christian absolutes, or any objective truth. Relativism and one’s experience or feelings as the … Read More