The Qur’an vs The Bible

The Qur’an vs The Bible

February 1, 2018By ARCComparative Religions

By Steven B. Cowan Both Christianity and Islam claim to be revealed religions. That is, we both claim to have been the recipients of infallible, divine revelation which marks out our respective religion as exclusively true. What is more, we both claim that what God revealed to us about himself and his will for us … Read More

Is Jesus of the Bible in the Qur’an?

December 22, 2015By ARCComparative Religions

This pamphlet is a collaboration to help the Church as well as Muslims understand the Jesus of the Bible and answer the question, “Is the Jesus of the Bible the same Jesus in the Qur’an?” The pamphlet is published by: Declaring His Truth Ministry P.O. Box 871174 Stone Mountain Ga. 30087 Email: The Pamphlet … Read More