Veritas: What is Social Justice?

March 19, 2014By Craig BranchCulture

By Craig Branch – The short version of the mission statement for the Apologetics Resource Center is “to equip the Church to understand, live, defend, and advance the Christian gospel and worldview.” The full version is “to reach the minds and hearts of people with the message and truth claims of the gospel of Jesus … Read More

Morality and Capitalism

March 19, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

By Paul A. Cleveland – Critics of capitalism often argue that free enterprise promotes the worst kind of human behavior and, therefore, must be rejected if moral human action is to prevail. They argue that free enterprise promotes jealousy, envy, and greed. In their opinion, life on this planet would be better served if we … Read More

Social Justice: Neither Social nor Just

March 19, 2014By Apologetics Resource CenterCulture

Author: Paul A. Cleveland – What is the Social Justice Movement About? In his book, The Flight from Reality, Clarence Carson explores the fundamental issues and problems associated with the social reform movement that was spawned in the late nineteenth century and has continued to this day.1 While there are some today who see the concept of … Read More