Truth and Postmodernism

June 20, 2024By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by J. P. Moreland For at least two reasons, Christians must keep in touch with the intellectual currents of the day. For one thing, ideological trends have an impact on the world of ideas in general and on the structure and content of reading material in books and articles in particular. Apprised of those trends, … Read More

Veritas: In Search of Rembrandt

September 28, 2023By ARCCulture, General Apologetics

by Craig Branch – This is the introduction to the Areopagus Journal Volume 4. No. 1, January-February 2004   Why does an apologetics ministry choose to cover the topic of “Art and the Christian” in its journal? Perhaps the very reason we ask that question reveals the need. In most people’s minds, art is relegated … Read More

The Role of Scripture in Knowledge

The Role of Scripture in Knowledge

April 26, 2022By ARCGeneral Apologetics

by Clete Hux and Steven B. Cowan – I believe that God exists,” the philosophy professor announced, “but everybody has his own opinion about what God is like. And who’s to say who’s right? We have to be agnostic about the nature of God. We can’t know anything about him for sure.” For many of … Read More

Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Three

May 28, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

by Steven B. Cowan – Part 3 We concluded in the previous installment of this essay that knowledge does not require having absolute certainty. We can know things, even very important and controversial things, even if we can’t have the kind of certainty about it that rules out all possibility of doubt. But, the question … Read More

Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part Two

May 28, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

by Steven B. Cowan – In the last issue of the newsletter, I showed that Scripture supports the notion that Christian truth-claims can be known and are not simply matters of subjective opinion. Part 2 continues with a discussion of the nature of knowledge and its connection to the human desire for certainty. Knowledge and … Read More

Can We Know Christianity Is True? Part One

March 20, 2015By ARCCommon Objections

By Steven B. Cowan – (Part One) Many Christians today have adopted the secularistic view that religious and moral matters are simply matters of faith or opinion. But I would like to argue instead that Christians ought to stand firm in the conviction that God’s existence and other Christian beliefs are things that can be … Read More

Has Postmodernism Killed Truth?

March 13, 2014By Craig BranchCommon Objections

By Craig Branch – About 30 years ago a pastor named Frank Barker was sharing the gospel with me, and he told me it was necessary that I both accept the gospel of grace and that I needed to repent (surrender my will and life to the Lord Jesus Christ). At that second condition, I … Read More