Word-Faith Movement Profile

May 10, 2022By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Clete Hux – Founder/Founding date: As a movement rather than an organized group, there is no founder or founding date, per se. The philosophical roots extend to Gnosticism. E.W. Kenyon (1860-1948) was perhaps the earliest modern exponent to blend the movement’s eastern mystical and New Age elements with Christian teaching. Official Publications: None. Two prominent publications … Read More

Did Jesus Christ Really Die Spiritually?

Did Jesus Christ Really Die Spiritually?

February 22, 2021By ARCComparative Religions

By Clete Hux – The Atonement and Word Faith Theology The obvious abuses of the Word-Faith movement concerning the “health” and “wealth” gospel are readily acknowledged by most evangelical Christians. However, the most serious errors of the movement involve the “faith” teachings on the atonement of Christ. Many Word-Faith teachers claim that redeemed man has … Read More

Positive Obsession

November 6, 2020By ARCGeneral Apologetics

By Clete Hux Narcissism (the inordinate love of self) is a major feature of contemporary American society, and the church has not been a stranger to its influence.  For years Christianity has had its share of self-help therapies and the like.  Most people remember when the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) craze was in vogue.  That … Read More

Faith Healers or Fake Healers?

November 10, 2012By Apologetics Resource CenterGeneral Apologetics

by ke Among the celebrities in the Word Faith Movement, none is more well known than Benny Hinn. From his lavish life-style to his on-stage performances, Benny Hinn has become the modern stereotype of the faith healers, even providing at least partial inspiration for Steve Martin’s character in the movie Leap of Faith. Hinn claims … Read More